Tutorial: Pom Pom Posies wrist corsages

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Tutorial: Pom Pom Posies wrist corsages

Spring time is busy at my house, y’all.  I’m sure it’s busy at yours too.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t find time to get some craftiness in.  Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores® makes spring crafting easy during National Craft Month with a $5 off $25 or more purchase coupon (included at the end of this post) and a spring crafting inspiration website.

These Pom Pom Posies are my spring time craft for this year.  They’re scrappy happy wrist corsages that are fun to wear and quick to make.  I can wear one or more of them with all the short sleeve shirts I’m able to pull back into rotation now that warmer weather is here.

Tutorial: Pom Pom Posies wrist corsages

Tutorial: Pom Pom Posies wrist corsages

I wanted to make something that is reminiscent of the flower corsages my grandfather used to buy for my sister and mother and I for mother’s day.  My mother always felt it was kind of over the top to be wearing a giant flower on her wrist!  But there is something so essentially spring about a big flower sitting on your wrist, especially when the flower is a riot of color and texture.

I’ll show you how to make them.  They’re super easy!

Gather your materials

Pom Pom Posies are made almost entirely of decorative trims.  So I went to Jo-Ann and loaded up on some gorgeous trim in colors I could mix and match to make a number of different looks.  Here’s a sampling of what I got.

Tutorial: Pom Pom Posies wrist corsages

Yummy!!!  There’s some peach pom pom trim, several colors of micro pom pom trim, crocheted lace, beaded lace, flower trim, gathered netting, and more.  The gold stuff in the back is kind of a netting.  There’s also some green neetting, but it didn’t show up in this picture.  I also added in some stretch sequin trim and some fold over elastic to make the bracelets.

Because I’d be making the flowers by coiling the trim, I looked for trims that had texture at the edge or that would be easy to gather up.

You can also make some fringed fabric trim out of your fabric scraps.  Start with a strip of fabric 1 ¾” wide by however long you want to make your trim.  Fold it in half lengthwise with wrong sides together.  Sew a line of stitching ¼” from the raw edges, making a tube.  Cut fringe into the folded edge, creating little loops.  Now you can wrap this fabric fringe trim around your flower and the loopy fringe will separate out like petals.

Scrap fabric or netting can make leaves for your flowers.  To make the leaves, cut a long football shape of your fabric (or netting) and tie a length of yarn around the middle to cinch it in.  Now you have a pair of leaves you can glue to the bottom of your flower.

Now that you’ve gathered up your trims, let’s make a Pom Pom Posie.

Choose the trim you want to use as your center.  Pom pom trim makes a fun center because the fuzzy pom poms get bunched together.

Roll the trim into a circle, hot gluing it together as you go.  When you feel like your flower center is big enough, just switch to another trim.  Keep on adding and gluing trim till you feel like you’re done.

You can also gather or pleat flat trims like lace or ribbon as you glue it around the flower.  For sheer ribbons or lace trim, I’d suggest using a basting stitch to gather it up before gluing it down because the hot glue will poke through all the holes and burn your fingers.  You can also use a wooden craft stick to press the sheer trim into the hot glue.

When your Pom Pom Posie is complete, you just need to glue it to some elastic or stretchy trim to make it a wrist corsage.  Fold over elastic is perfect for this!

Just cut a length of the elastic and tie it in a knot.  Or, you can use stretch sequin trim that you cut to length and stitch into a circle on your sewing machine.  Whatever you use for your bracelet base, it needs to fit rather snug so it can support the weight of the flower.

With that bunch of trim I showed you, I made a handful of beautiful spring blooms to wear on my wrist.  Here are a few of them:

Tutorial: Pom Pom Posies wrist corsages

Tutorial: Pom Pom Posies wrist corsages

I used a large peach pom pom for the center and then surrounded it with smaller mustard pom pom trim.  I gathered some crochet lace for the final layer of the flower and then glued it to a pink sequin band.

Tutorial: Pom Pom Posies wrist corsages

Tutorial: Pom Pom Posies wrist corsagesThe blue gingham is some loopy fabric fringe.  And the floaty leaves were made from the green netting.

And for this one, I skipped the pom poms for the center and instead used a flower I cut from some flower trim.  The flower is rather thin, so glue it down on some felt to give it enough body that you can attach the other trims to it.

Tutorial: Pom Pom Posies wrist corsages

Tutorial: Pom Pom Posies wrist corsages

These Pom Pom Posies are really so much fun to make!  I can’t stop with just these three!  I’ve made a stack of them and I’m still at it.  They’re so easy to put together and there’s really no wrong way to make them.


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