Tutorial: Potato bag for microwaving baked potatoes

I’ve recently found out that the secret to perfect baked potatoes in the microwave is to put them in a bag while you cook them.  I’d always used a paper sack, but that was until I saw this tutorial by Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood of Craft Sanity.  She shows how to make a fabric bag for microwaving your potatoes.  Go to the tutorial.

[photo from Craft Sanity]

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  1. dottie willie says

    I have been trying to make a potatoe bag I got the pattern I hve made 3 of them and they all caught on fore I used every 100% cotton what is wrong?

    • says

      Unfortunately, I don’t have an answer to this question. The only thing I can think of is that perhaps you heated it too long or on higher power. –Anne

  2. Doris Terrell says

    want to make a potato bag but don’t have a pattern. I’ve seen the bags and I’ve heard they work great.

  3. Harleyguy says

    Make sure you wrap your potatoes in wet paper towels before placing inside the bag. The moisture is used to cook the food and cool the bag down. I hope this helps

  4. Mary says

    Summary of comments above:
    First, wrapping in paper towels is not necessary, however it does help keeping the bags clean longer.
    2. dottie willie,

    (a) make sure you are also using 100% cotton batting? Sometimes, even products labeled 100% cotton will have a synthetic scrim in them.

    (b) duh, is the thread you used also 100% cotton? (did you remember to change the bobbin as well?)

    (c) Lastly, and this is a big-ole ‘duh’ moment, are you pu0ting potatoes in the bags when testing them? Just heating an empty bag, is a great way to catch ’em on fire.

  5. Carol Doyle says

    I’ve always used 100% cotton fabric/thread and Warm Tater batting for my potato bags. My neighbor just ordered a potato bag from a TV commercial. Shell is 100% polyester, lining is 85% polyester/15% cotton, batting is 100% polyester! What?????

  6. janice greening says

    I am wondering if instead of a paper towel could you use a piece of muslin to wrap the potato in before baking. I thought then it could be washed and re-used rather than throwing away the toweling.

  7. Sheree says

    I just bought the items to make a microwave baked potato bag, and there is actual batting made just for that purpose. It is called Warm tater 100% Cotton for potato bags and other microwave projects. Doesn’t have resin or glue in it. Website:


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