Tutorial: Putting an invisible zipper foot on your machine

invisiblezipperfootIf the instructions on the little plastic invisible zipper feet leave you confused or frustrated, then take a look at this tutorial offered by Coats & Clark’s Sewing Secrets blog.  They give step-by-step instructions and plenty of photographs to show you how to get the invisible zipper foot on to your machine.  Get the how-to.

[photo from Sewing Secrets]

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      I hear you! Definitely a tutorial I’ll keep my eye out for. The last time I tried to put an invisible zipper on my machine, I spent over an hour fiddling with all the pieces. I finally just gave up and stitched the zipper down with a regular presser foot.

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    The link is imbedded in the text.
    Second from the link which is weird I figured out.. The yellow in my case goes on the white Slipping in where the x part is into the white.. Then this yellow bit slides over the metal column then you screw the screw back into place

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