Tutorial: Recover a set of crib bumpers

Kirstin & Jordan from kojodesigns join the Baby Bonanza at luvinthemommyhood with a tutorial showing how to remake a set of crib bumpers.  By starting with an existing bumper set, you can just create a new cover rather than having to measure and cut all the batting on in the inside.  If you don’t have an old set of crib bumpers, they can usually be found inexpensively at garage sales.  (Often for less than the cost of the materials to make one from scratch!)  Go to the tutorial.

[photo from kojodesigns]

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  1. MaryK says

    I just completed a Crib Bumper project that my daughter-in-law asked me to do for her 3 year old son. Using the crib bumper, I made a wall hanging by cutting it into 3 sections and sewing it together.

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