Tutorial: Resize a man’s button down shirt to fit a child

Christie from Joyfoolery shares a tutorial on her blog showing how to resize a man’s button down shirt into one that will fit a child.  This is such a great idea!!  Men’s button down shirts are easily found at thrift stores, rummage sales, and yard sales.  And because you keep the original collar and hem, it’s also a quick and easy project.  Get the tutorial.

[photo from Joyfoolery]


  1. Ruth says

    It kind of cracks me up how many of these articles I see on sewing blogs now! When I was a teenager I used to do this for my brothers and sisters, my mom was divorced with very little money and six of us kids! (In the 60’s) I was a good seamstress and kept us mended and the girls and I in clothes, mostly. When I was married in the late 70’s and early 80’s I used my mother-in-law’s old slacks to make pants and overalls for my two oldest kids who were still at the toddler stage then.

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