Tutorial: Sew a “Best Of…” Book to record family memories

bestofbookKirstin from kojodesigns writes on her blog about a longtime New Year’s Eve tradition in her family.  They’d make tape recorded conversations as the family reflected upon the past year and their hopes for the coming year(s).   This year, she decided to start a similar tradition in her own household, with a written account of the best memories of the year.  She calls it a “Best Of…” Book and she shares a tutorial so you can make one for your own family.  Get the how-to.

[photo from kojodesigns]

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  1. says

    I remember when I was a little girl, I was lucky to have my grandma living with us. She would sit with my sister and I teaching us how to sew, knit and other craft. I remember sitting at the threadle sewing machine and pumping it so Grandma could sew and she would take the belt off so we could play and not get hurt. As time went on we would sew fabric and make little things. As time went on my Mom got an electric sewing machine and Grandma would still sew on the threadle machine. We had alot of good times with Grandma and alot of closeness. When I got a granddaughter I would spend alot of special time teaching her to sew, pillows and quilts. I always thank my grandma for giving to me the time and love, so I did the same for my granddaughter Alexa. I look back at a time when life was simple and am so happy to have the wonderful memories and I hope my granddaugher will have the same memories of me.

  2. shirley chamberlain says

    where do I find the information for the Jo-Ann Decades Contest I went into the site you provided but no luck

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