Tutorial: Sew a grandpa cardigan

grandpacardiganYou don’t have to be a grandpa (or Mr. Rogers) to enjoy wearing a cardigan.  They’re great for layering when the weather can’t make it’s mind up.  They can turn a simple t-shirt into a business casual.  Megan Nielsen shares a tutorial for making a cardigan.  Get the how-to.

[via Wardrobe Refashion]


  1. Shaheen says

    Thanks for this tutorial I have a 100 percent cotton fabric with the lines going down and up it`s white and thick I love it and I really want to make a cardigan from it. My mom has a jacket that I LOVE i wear it all the time (when she isn’t =) it`s long almost butt length and it comfy not fitted.

    My question, I have 2 yards so can i use that 2 yards to add extra length at the bottom and to make the sleeves less fitted? also how can I make the pattern do I use Newspaper? (I`m a newbie at sewing I`m 15 so I can`t really sew HAHA)

    Thanks for your response =)

    • says

      I’m not sure of the yardage requirements. I suppose it would depend on what size of cardigan you were making. You could probably look at the back of a printed pattern for a long sleeved shirt and get a good idea of what you’d need to make the cardigan. If there’s any question, err on the side of more fabric rather than less. You can always make another project with the scraps!

  2. Linda says

    when I clicked on the blue “get how to” it gave me a “page not found”. Is this still available?
    Thanks, Linda

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