Tutorial: Sew a quilted cover for your Bible

quiltedbiblecoverAmy from Park City Girl shares a tutorial for making a quilted Bible cover.  The handles make it easy to carry your Bible with you, and the quilted fabric cover protects your cherished book.  Get the how-to.

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  1. stephanie says

    Thanks so much for your terrific tutorial! I made my bible cover in about two hours following your excellent instructions!

  2. Janet Eisele says

    I’ve read and re-read your wonderful tutorial, but am having trouble deciding where the ‘lining fabric’ goes. Can you help. I understand the exterior fabric and the interior fabric and the handles and ties and pocket, but for the life of me can’t figure out the ‘lining fabric.

    Thanks for your help.

  3. Mary N. says

    I would second Janet’s comment from Nov. 12. Not sure I understand how the inside goes together. Assuming there is some sort of fold for the front and back covers of the bible to slide into? Thank you!

    • says

      I think that was she’s calling “the lining fabric” is actually the inside fabric. You wouldn’t see it on the finished bible cover because it would be covered by the bible. In the tutorial it’s showing up as a white rectangle. The flaps to hold the front & back covers of the bible are layered on top of the white lining fabric, and then the handles and ties. It’s all covered up with the quilted exterior fabric. She stitches around the outside, leaving a hole open to turn.


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