Tutorial: Sew a set of reversible placemats

reversibleplacematThe How To Gal shows how to make a set of reversible placemats for your table.  Make a set, and make eating in a more special event.  Get the how-to from The How To Gal.

[via U Create]

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  1. […] This past weekend we invited 2 sets of fun friends over and Will cooked up a feast. I wanted to contribute with a pretty, Valentine-y table setting. So I whipped up these placemats on Sunday afternoon before our guests arrived. In fact, I will still sewing the last one when our friends walked through the door. I know – ridiculous. But I’m pretty happy with how they turned out! ‘Cause let’s face it: table linens in stores are either ridiculously expensive or super ugly. You can see the very simple instructions that I stole to make these placements here. […]

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