Tutorial: Sew a small purse for your toddler

toddlerpurseLittle girls love dressing up like their mamas.  And that includes slinging a little purse over their shoulders.  Dee from Getting Crafty shows how to make a purse for your little one.  I love the flat bow embellishment!  Go to the tutorial.

[via Sevi Designs]

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  1. Gwen says

    I wanted to make a purse for my ten month old granddaughter, who drags her mum’s purse everywhere. You made my day. How nice of you to go to the trouble of putting a tutorial on the internet for (ME:)). I want to put a small photo album in it with all the people she knows, along with keys (maybe) with a chewy attachment so she won’t put the keys in her mouth. Don’t know what else. Thanks for a great idea. Gwen

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