Tutorial: Sew your own pressing ham

sewinghamIt being this close to Thanksgiving (and Christmas), when I hear the word “ham” my mind automatically goes to the kind that you eat.  But the ham that Jen from My Measuring Tape shows how to make is not an eating ham, it’s a pressing ham.  You know, the big stuffed shapes that help you press curved seams.  Not only is it less expensive to make your own, but you get the exact shape you want AND you can make it out of fun fabric prints!  Get the how-to.

[photo from My Measuring Tape]

[a huge thank you to LiEr from ikat bag for the link]

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    The only thing I would do different is sew most of the ham first on the sewing machine then stuff it like crazy until it is full then hand sew the portion that was not sewn on the sewing machine.

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