Tutorial: Sock monkey Halloween costume

Editor’s note:  Unfortunately, this tutorial has been removed from the HGTV website.  I have not yet been able to find an alternative tutorial.  –Anne

sockmonkeycostumeIf you like sock monkeys, you’ll love this sock monkey costume!  Jen Muecke shares a tutorial on HGTV’s website showing how to make one.  Get the how-to.

[via U Create]

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  1. gay says

    A lady made my daughter a sock monkey for her birthday about 10 years ago…I cannot believe the popularity of these things today. I am so glad we hung on to it!

  2. corinna mix says

    THIS IS AWESOME!!is it possible to rent this costume???my fiance would love to wear such a custume for our wedding (no kidding) and unfortunatelly i can’t knit.i ask for renting it, because i’m pretty shure you wouldn’t sell it.that was sooo much work!or would you?

  3. Kymberli says

    I wrote down how to make this but if possible I would love to buy one already done! If you know where I can find one like this please let me know ASAP before I go buy everything!

  4. Jan Bristol says

    I would like to buy two adult sock monkey costumes premade. Any ideas where to find? Please contact me.

  5. Rich says

    I want to make this costume. I bought the stuff but when I came back to the link it no longer shows the directions. If anyone has them please email them to me. \Thanks/

  6. Jemmalin says

    I am also mid-way through making a sock monkey costume, and they seem to have removed the instructions. If anyone can locate them please email me at jemgotham@yahoo.com. I specifically need to know how to make the head, I have the upholstery foam, but I don’t recall what to do.

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