Tutorial: Super cute owl softie, no sewing required

Natalie from Brimhall Bliss shows how to make an super cute owl softie that’s also easy to make.  The handstitching in the photo is all decorative. It’s made from felt and she uses glue to hold it all together, so no sewing is actually required.  You could easily use a sewing machine or handstitching in place of the glue if you wanted, though.  Get the tutorial.

[photo from Brimhall Bliss]


  1. says

    Yaaaay! Thank you so much for featuring this, I’m so happy you liked it! And yes, I made some monsters for my son instead of an owl, and since he’s a little rougher with his monster, I hand stitched everything instead of using glue. Maybe I’ll have to do a tutorial on that, too! 😉 Thanks again, I love this site! :)

  2. Claire says

    I’m just commenting on how cute it looks! I’ve got an owl themed room and was looking for some thing like this for a very long time… thanks!!!!


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