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    I think you can buy these extenders in the US – but they are not around here in Germany. I always thought I should make some … but never got around to try it. Now I definitely will do it next time the onesies are starting to get too small!


  1. […] 1. Make them last with onesie extenders. You can buy, or make, a piece of fabric with snaps that extends the snap crotch of a onesie so your tot can wear it longer, assuming the onesie’s chest and arms still fit. One Step Ahead offers nifty fixes like this, so does Etsy and you can read about another option in my first hint on how to dress your child for potty training success. In addition, if you’re craftier than I am, there are several sites that will show you how to DIY an extender, including Diddledumpling and Craft Gossip. […]

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