Tutorial: Use bleach to revamp boring fabric

bleachfabricBoring fabric gets a makeover with this cool technique by Kathy Cano-Murilla, AKA The Crafty Chica.  It’s brilliant in its simplicity.  She uses a bleach pen to create designs on fabric.  Get the tutorial and then go running for the bleach pen.

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  1. lbm says

    Using the bleach pen … I tried it!! I am in the process of creating beachwraps using voile fabric. I tried the bleach pen on orange voile – LOVE IT!! The only thing is, my design was a little toooo intricate, and used ONE pen to create a design on one side of the fabric. Will have to invest in a few pens.

    On the whole – I am SOLD on this idea. Design ideas are now running amok!

  2. Anne brenner says

    If you are having fun with the bleach pen, try 1/2 cup of Cascade dishwasher GEL mixed with a couple of tablespoons of bleach, apply to the back of some coarse textured leaves and apply in a pattern on a black cotton t-shirt! The design possibilities are endless. The results are unpredictable, but beautiful.

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