Video tutorial: Easy Halloween costumes, no pattern required

Wendi Gratz from Shiny Happy World shares a video tutorial showing how you can make a Halloween costume, no pattern or advanced sewing skills required.  You can use the same process to create a variety of different  costumes – a princess, a knight, a socerer, Peter Pan, even a Harry Potter cloak, and more.  You can make the costumes to fit any size, so this will work for children’s costumes, adults’ costumes, and even costumes for a doll.   Get the video tutorial.

[photo from Shiny Happy World]


  1. Sally Sobert says

    This is the best (and easiest) video for making a costume on the web. Thank you so much for sharing your talent. I plan to make a St. Margaret of Scotland dress and cape for All Saints Day, Friday…and it is late Tuesday night…I know I will have plenty of time with these easy to follow instructions. Now all I have to do is find the material! Thanks again!

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