Video tutorial: Make a maxi dress

Mimi AKA Myraida shares a video tutorial for making an Old Navy-style maxi dress using a dressform.  The video is free, but she happily accepts donations.  Get the video.  (NOTE: The video is 36 minutes long, so be prepared for an intense download.)

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  1. says

    Hi, please may i download your video on making a maxi dress and any other garments. I am happy to donate but have to add that i am not well off so cant afford much (and the reason why i want to make a maxi myself). Thank you

  2. Julia nash says

    i was wondering how to download your video i am supper interested in learning how to make a maxi dress. i am bigger built and taller so it is hard to find a dress that fits just rite looking forward to seeing you video.
    thank you,

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