Which needle should you use?

Rian from Presser Foot shares her needle chart that shows which type of sewing machine and hand sewing needle to use with different types and weights of fabric.  She keeps a copy next to her sewing machine so it’s right where she needs it.  Get the needle chart.

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  1. Terri Deweber says

    I have 2 different sergers recently purchased. They are used and only have 1 needle in each serger. My Singer serger (14u13) manual says to use Singer cat. no. 2053 #10,#11, #12, #14. The other serger is a SergeMate 5040L. Can I use the same needles in this machine as the Singer Serger? Thank you so much for you help. Confused, Terri

  2. Kathleen says

    Yes, I have the Companion Sergemate 5040. It can use the same needles that you use in your sewing machine. It can use Singer needles, universal needles. It was made by Tacony at the same time that they were making Babylock. Just remember to thread it right to left and to replace the sewing needle or needles. This serger has a very long life if treated right.

  3. larry brewer says

    i have tacony made bl 5030 sergemate and looking for owner instruction manuals this unit purchased 3-3-90 to my mother who never get around to using it ,still in box but no manuals, please helpme find this information so I can use it to make throws, blankets and to cut down some of our clothes thanks for any help on this ,

  4. moges says

    I have companion 5040L serger machine the needel I used is either universal or overlock needles, it used to work properly ,now it started to berek the needel frequently the left needle. How can I fix the problem?


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