Why Not Sew Placemats?

I was having a small dinner party the other day. As I was setting the table, I realized that I did not have placemats. I remember when I was growing up my mom had a variety of mats to choose from for the dinner table. But honestly, I don’t even remember seeing placemats on any of my friend’s tables. Are these just one home accessory that is falling out of favor in our modern times? Or is it just me- that I just never gave much thought to what to dress my table with?

I searched online to find some cool placemat projects, so I’ll be prepared next time I decide to fancy up my table.

These placemats are so simple, you can literary whip them up while dinner is in the oven.

These cute placemats can be personalized for your whole family.

Sew Mama Sew! Must have had the same placemat dilemma as I did, as she has a whole lot of great ideas for placemats!

With these cool projects, I’ll never have a bare table again!


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