Free download: Super Cute Pattern Making Measurement Chart

Every time I make a garment for myself, I get out the measuring tape to see how big I am around the waist, hips, etc.  The numbers tend to get jotted down on scrap bits of newspaper with no notations as to their significance, and end up getting thrown out at the end of the project.  Clearly, there’s a better way to do this.   

Keyka Lou Patterns shares a downloadable worksheet on her blog so you can keep your measurements handy.  Just take a tape measure and fill in all the blanks with your various measurements, and you’ll have all the information you need for your next garment sewing project.  And because all practial things can be made pretty, it features a super cute paper doll illustration.  Get the free downloadable chart.

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  1. says

    I enjoy your design tutorials. I cannot get the downloadable worksheet for “Super cute pattern making measurement Chart” to download, will you please email it to me? Thanks

  2. senthil kumar.N says

    to make garment, inner and outer of my own with best fitting when wear looking very cute for me and people whose is with me in the world

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