Free pattern: 1950s baby bib with feeding mitt for mama

Bramcost Publications continues their 12 Days of a Vintage Handmade Christmas with a 1950s pattern for a  unique 1950s baby bib.  The gathered bib gives plenty of coverage for baby’s clothes, while the attached mitt is intended to protect mama’s hand from the icky baby food.  While the mitt seems like an invitation for a feeding disaster (Try holding a small baby spoon with your hand in that thing.  Try leaning down to pick something up off of the floor with your hand in a mitt that’s attached to the baby bib!), I can see it being a hoot at a baby shower.  Just make sure the mitt is removable.  Go to the free pattern.

[photo from Bramcost Publications]


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    How adorable! Wouldn’t these be darling with a Heather Ross fabric on the front with a coordinating terrycloth on the back? I love the way it forms a ruffle! I have a new little neighbor that will be getting some of these. Thanks so much for posting! :)

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