Free pattern: Circles from 1″ to 58″ diameter

When a sewing project calls for cutting a perfect circle, do you find yourself raiding your kitchen cabinets looking for a glass or a plate or ANY round item to trace around?  And do you find yourself cursing the diameter of the items that are just a smidge too big or too small? 

Carla Hegeman Crim, AKA The Scientific Seamstress, solves the circle problem with a downloadable template for cutting circles sizes 1″ to 58″ in diameter.  She shares the template for free on her blog.  How awesome is that!!  Get the circle template.


  1. PK says

    PDF at the link does not work (in IE, Firefox or Chrome) – I’ve left a comment letting them know.

  2. says

    I have IE and I was able to download it. One thing I might mention is that this a large file. If you’re trying to just click the link to open in your browser, it may be locking up. Try right-clicking the file to save to your computer first. I find I have much better luck opening large files this way.


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