Free pattern: Hobo bag

Crafty Staci shares a free pattern and tutorial on her blog showing how to make a hobo bag.  This style of bag looks great in virtually any type of fabric print.  They’re relatively easy to make, too, as they don’t have any complicated closures.  Get the how-to.

If you want the bag without having to do any of the work, you can find some already made in her Etsy store.

[photo from Crafty Staci]


  1. says

    I have been on disability for a long time and was never really able to get out and take classes for anything I wanted to learn, or have friends to discuss projects that I was working on but now all I have to do is put up my feet, if I have a question or comment, and I can get an answer, at the click of a button and make friends, the same way,I love this technology.Anyone interested in knitting crocheting ,jewelery making or other crafts,and any Ideas for new projects please stop by,.I have lots of Ideas , but no time to do them all. I used to teach country and decorative painting ,quilting ,sewing and knitting.

  2. Kathy says

    HELP!!..Im sewing the hobo bag but dont understand whats happening..with straps..why do I end up with 4 straps?..thanks!

    • says

      Kathy, Without seeing a photo of what your purse in progress looks like, it’s hard to know how to help you. If you ended up with 4 straps, my best guess is that you didn’t get the outer layer and the lining sewn together. The two layers should be sewn together at the handles, which would create two straps – one on each side of the purse. You’d then tie the straps together at the shoulder. You might also try emailing Staci from Crafty Staci to see if she has any advice. –Anne

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