Free pattern: Little Girl’s Crossover Pinafore

Maggie from Smashed Peas and Carrots shares a free pattern and tutorial on her blog showing how to make a crossover pinafore for little girls.  The crossover back gives it a super flexible fit.  The width automatically adjusts to fit a growing child, so this year’s pinafore can be next year’s top.  Get the pattern and tutorial.

[photo from Smashed Peas and Carrots]


  1. mard says

    Hi, I am looking forward to trying your tutorial, but is there anyway to download the pattern pieces without a facebook account as scribd is telling me I need to be on facebook.

    many thanks

    • says

      Unfortunately, Scribd has a policy that moves older patterns to the “archive”. Without an account (which, if I understand it correctly, you either have to pay for or upload a file in order to obtain), you can’t download the file. I believe that a file can be removed from the archive, but only the author of the file can do that. –Anne

  2. says

    Hi there, I really want to make this pinafore but when I go to download it it brings up a box and asks me to put in credit card details and I have to pay? Is that right? I thought it was a free pattern….help!

    • says

      Shannon, You’ll need a Scribd account in order to get the pattern. You can either pay for the account, or upload one of your own documents to get an account for free. The author is not getting paid any money for this. This is entirely a Scribd thing, and most likely the author knows nothing about this. If I understand things correctly, all newer documents are available for free download. But once a document has been there a while, it gets moved to the archive where an account is needed to access it. I don’t believe that the authors get notification when this happens, so Maggie from Smashed Peas and Carrots probably doesn’t that this is going on. –Anne

  3. says

    Thank-you so much for letting me know this :o) I wonder if anyone would be kind enough to email it to me if they already have it downloaded! Bit cheeky of me to ask but worth a shot, thanks heaps x

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