Free patterns: A whole Angry Birds softie collection

Remember the Angry Bird softie that Care from Obsessively Stitching made?  She’s got patterns and tutorials for the whole collection now – the original red Angry Bird, the blue bird, the yellow bird, the pigthe green bird, the white bird, and the black bird.  I’ve never played the Angry Birds game, but I am so in love with these softies!

Get the pattern & tutorial for the red bird

Get the pattern & tutorial for the yellow bird.

Get the patterns & tutorials for the blue bird and the pig.

Get the patterns & tutorials for the green bird, white bird, and black bird.

[photo from Obsessively Stitching]


  1. Rita says

    i have been looking for these loonnnggg before i have been able to find them… i am not a good… thank you for you diligent work in getting these out before christmas. i have a lot of work to do and so i best get to store. soon as i get the list of materials.
    do you do crochet patterns also? like the hats and scarver or the hacky sack type little balls? or where i may find them? thank you for reading my post. have a great day and keep your threads straight and tight ! Rita

  2. M0KINGJAY says

    awesome! I got bored on the school holidays and decided to do something productive so i found this! suggestion: what about the mighty eagle?


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