Cool idea: Identification tag for a favorite stuffed animal

Julie Kundhi from julie-k created fabric tags that she sewed on to her daughter’s favorite stuffed animals.  They serve as permantently attached ID tags that will help Puppy and Gnocchi (the stuffed dog and cat) make their way back home should they separated from the family while they are travelling.  Brilliant!!!  Read more at julie-k.

[photo from julie-k]


  1. Linda says

    Great idea – but do you really want to give out your address and the fact that you might not be home to complete strangers?

  2. says

    Great idea. i was searching the web for something like this and found this website.
    to add to linda’s comment. you can also just put your phone number instead of address. that’s what I would do anyway. everyone has a phone handy. most likely a person to find it would still be in close proximity. how do i get this? It is for my son’s bear. he is autistic he is attached to his bear and won’t sleep with out it. I don’t even know where to buy another one like it. need to get this tag.

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