Guest tutorial: Party dress refashion by Marisa Lynch from New Dress A Day

Yesterday I posted my review of New Dress A Day by Marisa Lynch. 

Today, I’ve got a special treat for you….  Marisa herself showing how to turn a drab, boring dress into fabulous party attire.

Take it away, Marisa!


 I’m all about making my own versions of fab designer pieces using vintage dresses and notions you can snag at the craft store!  I love getting complimented on these designer remakes and getting to say that I made them myself!

 I fell in love with this ASOS dress when I first saw it featured in a Teen Vogue spread and knew I had to try it out on my own! 

I was totally into the colors and I had the perfect dress to use for this DIY.

 There were lots of discolorations on the dress, so trying to hide them with paint was going to be the best trick to make them disappear!

I really wanted to get the color distribution and texture of the ASOS dress on point, so I started off by rubber banding scattered sections of the piece, taking a handful of fabric and wrapping rubber bands around each section.

Once everything was banded, I grabbed a few cans of Simply Spray in colors that matched the ones found on the ASOS dress – pink, light blue, turquoise, spring green, and lilac – and started to spray!

I started with sprays of pink and then moved a few more colors before covering the dress.

After the spray dried, I went to tackle the length next because I wanted something just a bit shorter to hit me at the knee.

I used the area where the side slits ended, as a guide where to cut.

With my dress newly cut, I pinned the raw edges under, and began to sew a new shortened hem.

Post-sew, I was ready for the day!  I wanted to retain a similar texture to the one seen on the ASOS dress, so I didn’t iron down the crinkled areas where the rubber bands were.

From spotted dress to party appropriate ensemble in just a few, easy steps!


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