I’m going to QuiltCon! Squeeee!!!

Who’s going to QuiltCon in Austin? 

I know one person who will be.



And I know another person who’ll be there.  Scarlett Burroughs, our Quilting editor, is going to be my road trip buddy.  She’s one of my BFFs so this is gonna be a fun, fun, FUN trip for us!!  Her little yellow Camry Honda usually serves as the backdrop for our road trip adventures, but for this trip we’re taking my husband’s bright orange Prius.  We like to travel in happy colors.

The Modern Quilt Guild blog has a linky party for people who are going to be there.  We’re all sharing a photo of ourselves and 5 things that folks may not know about us. 

I got my hair cut last year so I don’t look a thing at all like my Craft Gossip photo.  Ha!


So here are 5 things about me:

1.  I’m obsessed with Goodwill shopping.  In particular, I like to buy shoes and jackets.  Just yesterday I scored an almost brand new pair of Clark’s shoes for $4.  And a jacket from The Limited and another one from Ann Taylor for $5 each.  My closet is overstuffed with shoes and jackets, but when I see a $150 jacket in brand new condition for $5, I just can’t say no.   If you compliment me on my outfit, I’m compelled to tell you that I “got it at Goodwill!” and then give the total cost for my entire outfit.  pssst… See that jacket I’m wearing in the photo?  Got it Goodwill!  It’s the one from The Limited that I just bragged about.

2.  I have a collection of vintage costume jewelry that borders on ridiculous.  Most of it comes from my very sweet, very generous sister.  She does a lot of her business through estate sales (Shameless plug:  She has a couple of Etsy shops here and here.) and often comes across large lots of vintage jewelry.  A couple of times a year she’ll gather together all of the jewelry that didn’t make it to her Etsy shop and let my mother and I paw through it for what we want.  I’m so spoiled.

3.  Currently living in our house are my husband, my daughter, a giant goldfish we call Fishy Foo, and four black cats.  When we adopted the 4th black cat earlier this year, a friend asked if I was starting a black cat cult.  You have to look closely to tell them apart.  The easiest is by their tails.  The one with the fluffy soft tail is our shy kitty Luna.  The one with the normal tail (and one white whisker) is our very very grumpy Ivan.  I have actually witnessed him growling and purring at the same time.  The one with no tail is Mr. Laid Back himself, my daughter’s kitty Midnight who is a Manx.  And the crooked tail kitty is our newest and most outgoing feline resident, Mowgli.

4.  I’m the only mom in the pickup line at my daughter’s school who doesn’t have a tattoo or unusual piercing.  Perhaps that’s why I have a strong desire to dye my hair a crazy color, like pale turquoise or bright pink.  I have yet to actually follow through because the thought of bleaching my dark hair and then maintaining the color sounds like too much work.  In the meantime, I remain tragically unhip.

5.  My fabric stash is currently out of control.  It fills an entire coat closet as well as most of the floor space in my studio.  I have walking paths carved between the boxes and piles.  I don’t allow any of my cats in the studio, which of course makes the room that much more appealing for them.  Apparently it’s kitty entertainment to sneak in my studio when I open the door, with me very awkwardly chasing them around the piles and under the tables as they manage to stay just outside of my arm’s reach.

I am SO excited about going to QuiltCon!  I hope to see some of y’all there.


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    I love thrift store shopping as well. When my husband and I renovated our attic/now sewing studio, I got the majority of the furnishings and storage from thrift shopping. Love your personal write-up. Hope to at least say hi to you at QuiltCon.

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    Hi there, nice to meet you Anne! I totally share your passion for thrifting, and have been recently enjoying my fabulous $2 red leather boots this winter. Hope to see you at QuiltCon!


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