Lookie what she made: Journal with antique sewing machine graphics

singerdecalsCathie Holden from Just Something I Made bought this old Singer sewing machine for $5.  While the machine clearly is no longer working, she was still able to use it to make a project.  Not by sewing with it, but by taking photos of the decals on the machine and cleaning them up on her computer.  She used them to make a gorgeous journal cover, and offers the graphics on her website for you to use in your own projects.  See what she made and download the graphics.

[photo from Just Something I Made]

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  1. Sab says

    Most of the local tailors here (Pakistan) still use these sewing machines. Though my mum’s moved on to a fancy looking one, my grandmother still has one just like the one in the picture!

  2. Mrtha says

    There is a site “Quilting Board” that addressed all things quilting. They also have tutorials on restoring old sewing machines. It is amazing how many of these beauties can be restored to service. Hope you will at least visit the site. By the way I have no formal connection to the site. I just love old sewing machines.

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