QuiltConning it today

6888994125_a1f6ca5552_oYou probably won’t be seeing many posts from me today.  I’m hanging out here in Austin, TX with Scarlett Burroughts (you may know her as our Quilting editor) for QuiltCon.  We’re getting ready to head out the door for our first day of the con.  I’m sooo excited!  And a little bit of nervous, too.

Getting dressed this morning I flashed back to my jr. high days.  Will I look cool in this?  Or will everyone immediately see what a dork I am? What is everyone else going to be wearing?  Luckily I had Scar with me to help me with my clothing anxiety.  If you’re going to be at QuiltCon, look for the girl with the mint green skinnies and tall brown boots.  That’s me.


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