Review & giveaway: Pretty Little Pillows

Pretty Little Pillows from Lark Books is a pretty little book that explores the creative possibilities that the pillow offers.  The underlying structure of a pillow is pretty basic: two pieces of fabric with some stuffing in between.  And yet it’s that simple structure that allows freedom to experiment with surface design, shape, and scale. 

The book starts by explaining the basic construction of a pillow, along with some common finishing techniques and hand stitches to embellish. 

Then, it gives step-by-step instructions (along with color photos of the more complex steps) to create 29 different kinds of pillows.  Each of these beautiful projects focuses on a different technique or material or use.  Projects like Afternoon Tea or Tropical Blossom give the pillow an interesting shape, while Twist-n-Tie or Smock It use techniques to alter the surface of the pillow and give it texture. 

My personal favorites in the book include the Ribbon Rounds pillow, which is actually four long pillows tied together with pretty ribbons.  They’re functional together as a group, or you can untie the ribbon and use them separately as smaller pillows.  The Quick Change pillow, with two triangular flaps that can be buttoned to either side of the pillow, allows multiple looks with from one pillow.  Another favorite is the Cuddle Drops pillow, little dew-drop pillows with cuddly-sweet appliqued faces.

So that’s the review part of this post.  Now for the giveaway. 

I’m giving away my review copy of Pretty Little Pillows to one lucky Craft Gossip reader.  To enter, leave a comment on this post telling me how badly you want this book.  I’ll choose the winner at random.  Deadline for entry is Friday, May 21, 20101 at midnight CST.  Good luck!


  1. says

    Oooh, how pretty! I need this book really, really bad, because I am living in Germany and we don’t have “pretty things”, here it’s all about being serious and doing your “Handwerk” right instead of pretty!


  2. nicole burris says

    How bad do I want this book … well let’s see…

    I want it so bad that I would run around my neighborhood screaming it.

    I want it so bad I would wear a sandwich board to the mall declaring it.

    I want it so bad I would trade one of my kids for it.

    … well maybe not that last one but I REALLY do want it.

  3. says

    Haha, how badly do I want this book? Very badly! It looks adorable, full of amazing projects for kids and for the home, I’d really love to win it! Thanks for the chance!

  4. Holly says

    I would LOVE to have this book! I’m still new to sewing and love to make things for other people. This books is a perfect fit!

  5. mel says

    I would love a copy of this book!! I’ve been thinking of making new pillows for our living room, but more than that I have a little girl who’s getting just big enough to start cuddling everything! The Cuddle Drops are screaming her name!!

  6. Colette says

    I would love, love, love this book! I am re-doing my living room on a strict budget…going to spice up our current furniture w/ some funky pillowes…this would so help in doing that!

  7. Mariana says

    I definite would love this book, I love making pillows and I’m always planning on making some more and … it would be very hard to get that book here in Chile! So I really really want it badly!
    Thanks anyway just for the chance!

  8. says

    Oh my… this would be an awesome inspiration for me! I alsways have the habbit to make something for friends of my girls and buy something when they go to a b’day [arty! I am desparately looking for something new! I managed to come by with handmad bags for the girls… But I am round. All theri friends have a little handmade bag! some of the girls are on for something new! This book would be great for my next move: PILLOWS ON THEIR ROOMS!!!!

    love Miranda

  9. says

    I would love to win this book! I love pillows, in our home there are pillows everywhere but they all are regular pillows. I need fun pillows!! I need this book to made them! :)

  10. says

    I absolutely love the innovative pillow designs in the book inspired to make a person not only think outside of the box but sew in the same fashion as well.

  11. says

    Wow, what timing!!! I’m in the process of designing and creating a few pillows for a tremendously talented friend who has been knitting a few things for me… she decided that rather than payment for her incredible knitting skills, she wanted a few unusual pillows designed and made by me, since I have the sewing skills!! I can sew just about anything, but the creativity genes skipped me and went directly to some other part of my family… so I can use all the help I can get!!! Oh, to be so lucky as to win!!

  12. Michelle M says

    I want this bad!! Ok I am new to sewing and have never made a pillow. Oh wait I take that back, I made one in 6th grade by hand as a class project. But I need inspiration and I think this will be a perfect one!

  13. says

    I want this so badly! I signed up to win it on another site and lost…if I lose again I may have to make a little trip to the book store.

  14. Debbie Price says

    I love pillows! They are the best and easiest way to change your room decor! I also love how they are a simple project for the beginning sewer. The book looks as though it will have very cute pillows in it! Thanks for the competition!

  15. says

    i want this badly becues making pillows are in my “to do list”
    i neeeed this to inspire me
    and above all
    i want this book!

  16. says

    Oh, I just saw this book on Aimee Ray’s blog and I would LOVE to have it as I am getting the sewing/embroidery fever right now!!! 😀 Thanks for the chance!

  17. Rosa Melville says

    these are lovely!! I would love this because here in venezuela, we don’t even have nice fabrics anymore! We have to make our own beautifull items!

  18. Ellen says

    I need this book, my house decor needs a overhaul except I have no money. I can sew, and new pillows are a great new decor to add.

  19. says

    I had found this book on a list from my book club and it’s on my list of favorites. It has some clever designs. I’d love to win this giveaway!

  20. Amy in TX says

    I want it bad enough to trade my kids for it, but since I want it so that we can make pillows for a beginning sewing project for them it creates quite a conundrum! So maybe I can just win the book and keep the kids?

  21. says

    I’ve got to have this book! Here’s how much I want it: Well, I want it more than that, but I could’ve gone on forever. I love making pillows!

  22. Stacie says

    Looks like a great book filled with lots of inspiration! Might as well enter for a chance to win it. : )

  23. Heather says

    I have such grungy looking pillows on my couch now. It would be great to spruce it up with colorful HANDMADE pillows!!

  24. says

    I’m from Israel and I’m addicted to those books series!! I’m just learning to sew and those books are teaching me so much. I desperately want this book!!!

  25. says

    Oh! I seriously want this book! I have a bit of an obsession with pillows. That quick change pillow is fabulous! I am sure the projects are just full of awesome. WANT!

  26. victoria says

    We are moving into our new house soon and this book would be perfect! Thank you for the giveaway!!!

  27. says

    I’ve lost 40 pounds since the beginning of the year and I would love to get the book to make some pillows to rest my weary newly skinny body on! 😉 (Skinny is relative … compared to whales … right? LOL)

    I have the rest of the Pretty Little books and will be getting this one as well – they’re just too cute and fun to pass up! Thank you for a very creative giveaway – I’m having a great laugh at the posts, lol!

  28. Molly says

    It would be fun to have this book as it would help me to use up a bunch of fabrics I have stashed under my work table. My daughter would probably love a few more cute pillows for her bed. Thanks!

  29. says

    lol, wanting and badly needing this! So need to make pillows, been on the to do list but… need inspiration! Hmmm, need this badly enough to give up chocolate for a month!

  30. Marie Dearing says

    Oh, this is such a usefull little book. I would like it because I volunteer at our local hospital and we sew things for the gift shop and for the patients in hospital. This would be a very nice thing for our patients so have some “pretty” little pillows for Physical therapy or just to have for comfort. And how nice for the hospital to be able to cheer them up with a pretty little pillow to keep.

  31. says

    I could really use this book. I can sew most anything with or without a pattern but pillows for some reason escape me. Of all the pillows I have sewn for our house I have yet to have one turn out exactly as I envisioned it. I am in need of pillow help.

  32. Tash Marshman says

    Oh I badly want this book. I know I shouldn’t- my mum always said that we should focus on our needs and not our wants… maybe I should be writing I NEED THIS BOOK. Its coming into winter here- perfect timing for snuggly crafts, couch makeovers, and cuddly pillows and cushions for the kids beds. Want/Need, I would treasure this book!!!

  33. Ady Yong says

    I would love this book – I’m teaching my 7 year old son how to sew and pillows make great projects. This would be a terrific resource for us.

  34. Lubica says

    I would like to own this book… cause I ve lost a job so I think about starting with some crafts. I believe that the book is full of beautiful projects.

  35. Kerry says

    I would love love love to win this book. I have been obsessed with making pillows for my house lately but I seem to be stuck in a rut of only making square ones. I’m a little uncertain about how to go about the others but I am sure that this book would calm my fears.

  36. says

    I want it so I don’t go stir crazy in the house… My crafty gene is turning into overdrive and I have no idea what to make with all of the fabric, vinyl and yarn sitting around my house right now!

  37. Jessica C says

    I want this book SOOOOOOOOO badly! I was just about to buy it on Amazon when I saw this giveaway!

  38. Steph says

    I’m new to sewing and just love it. I would really love to have the book soI can make some nice pillows for my home. please!

  39. Andi Lackey says

    I need this book cause all of my friends are having babies and I need to make them cute pillows for their backs and then to make cute things for the babies too!!

    I would trade my kids for it but trust me you don’t want them! so I’ll offer my roommate, he at least does the dishes!!

  40. Ka says

    You have no idea how much i would love to have this book!!! See, i have a project. do a “julie/julia project” kind of blog, all about craft, doing a lot of tutorial, telling how was for me, with pictures n stuff. I wanna do this with a lot of books. But, i live in Brazil and here, we dont have books about crafting, well.. not really good ones, so i’m trying to get good books, and this one would be great!! I hope i win!!!

  41. Michelle says

    I want this book. Badly. Like really badly. I will have the cutest pillows in all of Fairbanks, Alaska if I got this book. No kidding.

  42. Åsa says

    I could really use this book with my students, they tend to think a pillow is square and in plain colours. The book might give them some other ideas.

  43. Lisa says

    This book looks great! Very creative and pretty – I would love love love to have it! I will be requesting this as a present for my birthday at the end of this year – unless I am lucky enough to win it here!!

  44. Tina says

    I would LOVE to have this book! I had a baby boy in December, and while I think the crib set that my husband bought is cute, I want to make some more personalized items for baby’s room, and our room

  45. Claudia says

    Oh dear, I need this fantastic little book, because here in Germany we don’t habe such cute books, which inspire the fantasy. And it ssems to be wonderful to use the fabrics that are sleeping in my wardrobe….

    Kind regards from Germany
    Claudia alias

  46. Renee says

    BADLY!!! I LOVE pillows and am just getting back into sewing after being away from it for years. I need my creative juices flowing and just LOOKING at this book is giving me ideas already! I CAN’T WAIT to see what’s inside!!! Thanks for the chance! ~Renee’


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