Review: Wienerdog Tricks downloadable patterns

I’ve recently had the pleasure of receiving review copies of a handful of patterns from Wienerdog Tricks.  Her pattern line includes the Cash Money Wallet, the Genuine Article Bag, the Good Writer Bag, and the Gorgeous Nerd Bag.  I love every single one of them!  (Her Genuine Article Bag just got placed right at the top of my must-sew list!!)

Her designs marry the functional with the funky.  Her bags are pretty when made in more traditional prints, and fabulous when made out of vintage tea towels and bright polyesters.  The designs are well thought out – comfortable straps, pockets where you need them, and sized “just right”. 

But what I love most about her patterns is the friendly, encouraging voice that comes through.  After all, it doesn’t matter how awesome the bag design is if you can’t figure out how to make it.  Reading her patterns is like talking to a really cool, really supportive, really creative friend who wants you to show you how to do something new.  Her tone is conversational, and yet instructive.  Her patterns, her projects, her instructions are FUN.  And isn’t that what sewing is supposed to be?

You can see (and purchase) all of Wienerdog Tricks patterns at The Trick Shop.

[photos from Wienerdog Tricks Trick Shop]

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