Sewing for tweens? Check out this new blog!

sewcoolWhile there are plenty of sewing patterns out there for kids, and plenty of sewing patterns to be had for adults, there’s a group of kids in between – the tweens – that don’t fit either category.  Just like ready-to-wear, there are few sewing patterns for this group of kids.  My child is in that place, and it seems like all the cute kids’ patterns go up to only a size 8, maybe a 10 if we’re lucky.  But adult styles and adult shaping don’t fit her kid body.

Enter Sew Cool for the Tween Scene, a new blog focusing on sewing for our tweens.  I saw a post over at Little Kids Grow featuring this new blog, and I clicked over there immediately.  I am so excited!!!  To launch their new blog, they’ve got a series of guest posts from some well known bloggers who also sew for tweeny types.  They’ve also got a post featuring some patterns from “big 4” and indie designers that have styles suited for tweens.

[photo from Sew Cool for the Tween Scene]


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    Thank you for stopping by and for getting the word out! We are so excited by the response so far and that there are so many like minded people out there! Check back often, because we have some great things in store.

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