Style That Kid! eBook with advice for amazing children’s clothing photos

cStyle That Kid! eBook with advice for amazing children's clothing photosI like to think of myself as a pretty decent photographer.  I know all about ISO, shutter speed, and focal length  to get a good exposure.  I have a fancy camera.  But when it’s time to document clothing I make for my daughter, I feel like I sprout an extra five thumbs and I just cannot get a good photo.  The lighting is always weird, the backdrop never right.  And ohhh, the awkward poses and frustrated faces my daughter gives me.

Alida from Alida Makes used to have the same problem.  But instead of just fearing the kid photo shoot, she set about to research what it is that makes photos of kids work.  After she saw what a huge difference it made in her own kid clothing photo shoots, she wrote an eBook sharing what she knows.

Style That Kid! is her new eBook. The 38-page book gives practical advice for choosing the best lighting and location for your shoot, and using background, clothing, and props to create the contrast, texture, and dimension kid clothing photos need in order to be amazing.  She illustrates these points with photos from her own blog.  She also includes photos that didn’t quite work and tells how they could be improved.

To celebrate the release of her eBook, she’s giving away 5 copies of her eBook over on her blog.  Go there to enter.  But do it quickly – the giveaway ends tomorrow evening!

[photo from Alida Makes]

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