This sewing video is a blast from the past

simplicity1948Saidos da Concha posts a link to a Simplicity sewing video, circa 1948.  It’s called, “A Pattern for Smartness.”   I think it was designed as an educational video for a home economics class.  The video is rather long (19 minutes) but is divided into two shorter segments.  It was definitely not intended to be humorous, but it didn’t take long before I was laughing out loud.  Go watch the video.  I promise you’ll enjoy it.

Photo from A Pattern for Smartness by Simplicity Pattern Co, Inc.

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    I think the segment that made me laugh the most was when Betty looks out the window and starts thinking out loud… her remarks on her former skin and outfits are too ridiculous!

    However, I loved watching the video. In fact, I’ve watched it twice already!

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