Tutorial: Anna from Frozen costume

Tutorial: Anna from Frozen costumeLinda from Pane, Amore e Creativita shows how she made this costume for her daughter to dress up like Anna from the movie Frozen.  Her tutorial includes how to make the cloak, the bodice, and the skirt.  Her blog is in Italian, but the photos alone give a good idea of what to do.  You could also use a site translator to read the instructions in English.  Go to Pane, Amore e Creativita for the tutorial.

[photo from Pane, Amore e Creativita]


  1. Cheryl says

    The design is cute, I love the vest and the embroidery…BUT those unfinished edges are awful looking… If you had a serger, I could see the edges being left sergered… but th zigzag and the raw material sticking out looks very untidy… if you zigzag, then turn those edges under and finish them… or don’t bother sewing.. sorry, I am a costumer,and a grandmother who sews.. and I would NEVER in a million years put something out in public to be seen unfinished….

  2. Darlene Bear says

    Im a grandmother and a sewer of 30 years. I was online looking for ideas to make my seven year old granddaughter a Frozen Anna Dress. She wants one sooooo badly and I have the creative energy to just gather ideas from the four corners of the internet earth and create one especially for her. Thank you so much for your site on this. I have learned so much from your idea alone!!! If you didn’t put this online, I surely would have been at a loss. Any real sewer would know “how” to tweak your idea to what they may consider even more “perfection” in their own realm, without having to negatively blast your lovely presentation so publically and inappropriately here on your site. Arrogance kills creativity and is prideful to boot!!! Just you keep on creating and putting up your lovely ideas for the delight of real sewers everywhere. Thank you again for your wonderful and beautiful rendition of Frozen Anna’s costume. Now Im gonna take my pictures of your idea and go create. “Finished” is in the eye of the beholder and decided at the hand of the creator….for …like….the next “million years” …at least. 😀

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