Tutorial: Blank Canvas Tee, plus hacks

I think I may have just fallen in love with Steph from 3 Hours Past.  She shares a pattern on her blog for her Blank Canvas Tee.  It’s a simple tee with cut on sleeves, and is made from just two pieces and four seams.  And if that’s not awesome enough, every month she’ll add “hacks” for this pattern, ways to recut and reshape to create new looks based on the simple tee.  She has a handful out there already, including a fabulous Sailor Sweetheart Tee that just got added to my must-sew list.  If you’ve been wanting to get your feet wet with drafting your own patterns, her Blank Canvas Tee and hacks are an excellent place to start.  Get the pattern and hacks for her Blank Canvas Tee.


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