Tutorial: Easy folded and tucked fabric coasters

Tutorial: Easy folded and tucked fabric coastersTonya from The Crafty Mummy shows how to make these folded and tucked fabric coasters.  They look like they’d be difficult but they’re actually very to make.  And quick, too.  The top is made from 4 squares of fabric.  She used the same fabric for all of them, but you could also use 4 different fabrics for a scrappier look.  A set of these coasters would make great teacher or neighbor gifts!  Go to The Crafty Mummy for the tute.

[photo from The Crafty Mummy]


  1. Torry says

    I, too, have been making these for years(about 20). I just wanted to add a few ideas that I have done over the years: I use 6 squares, not 5. Lay one face down, add batting or insulation, if needed, one face up then the four folded pieces. Sew, trim, and turn inside out.
    Instead of folding the 4 pieces into rectangles, you can fold them into triangles and then do all of the other steps.
    Also, you can make these smaller for decorations and larger for hot holders, with proper insulation between the two squares.
    And finally, you can make these using circles. Hope this jump starts some fun sewing!
    PS: I recently sew these being used as wine glass holders, just slip the bottom of the wine glass in between the folds. It stays on, and can be used as an identifier, if each one is made differently.

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