Tutorial: How to sew cascading ruffles or flounces

Shauna from Shwin & Shwin continues her Sewing 101 series with a tutorial all about making cascading ruffles or flounces.  These differ from a typical gathered ruffle in that they’re cut in a circle, giving more fabric at the bottom of the ruffle than at the top.  That extra fabric is what creates the flounce effect.  When sewn in a vertical line, it creates a cascade of ruffles.  Find out how to make them at Shwin & Shwin.

[photo from Shwin & Shwin]


  1. Dana Cetz says

    Hello I need some tips for making my own cascading ruffled train for my wedding dress. Couldn’t find any patterns.

  2. olga says

    A few years after posted…but thank you so much! I’ve been looking for a good way to draft a cascading flounce for a design I have in mind.

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