Tutorial: Sewing with twin needles

twin needlesIf you like to sew on stretch knits, a twin needle might just become your second-best friend.  (Your machine itself is your best friend, right?)  A twin needle will sew two parallel lines of stitches on the top of a piece of fabric, and a single zig-zag stitch underneath.  This makes a decorative stitch that is also stretchy. 

Kadiddlehopper explains how to thread and stitch with twin needles.  She also includes handy sample of what twin needle stitching looks like as you adjust the tension.  Go to the tutorial.

[photo from Kadiddlehopper]

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  1. Crazyqstitcher says

    Thanks for sharing the tute on twin needles. I have also been intimidated by them but with your instructions will try them out.

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