Tutorial: Short sleeves become long, plus a pair of capris

shorttolongsleeveI never really notice how much my daughter is growing until we try on a long-sleeved shirt in the fall that hasn’t been worn since early spring.  I swear, the clothes shrink on their own while sitting in the drawer!

Ashley from Make It and Love It solves the problem of the ever-shrinking shirt by creating a contrasting faux layers.  She created a boy version and a girl version.   The boy version uses knit yardage for the faux layers, but the girl version uses an adult long-sleeved shirt.  As a bonus, she took the leftover fabric from the long-sleeved adult shirt and made a matching pair of capri pants.  Waste not, want not!  Go to the tutorials – for the boy shirt, for the girl shirt, for the capris.

[photo from Make It and Love It]

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