Tutorial: Stuffed animal harness

Tutorial: Stuffed animal harnessCall Ajaire shows how you can make a stuffed animal harness to keep a child’s favorite soft toy from getting lost when you’re out and about.  Ohhh, how I wish I had one of these when my own daughter was little! I would get so nervous when she wanted to bring one of her stuffed with her into a store.  This harness is easy to make out of bias tape, snaps, and a carabiner clip.  You can snap one end of the harness around the stuffed animal’s body and then clip the other end to a shopping cart or car seat. Go to Call Ajaire for the tutorial.

[photo from Call Ajaire]


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    Wow, this is way more humane than the ribbons tied around necks/shoulders/body that require the jaw of life (or scissors) all my girls toys. They say they are “walking them” but it looks much, much more violent than that! Need to make some of these, look easy enough for the girls to use instead :)

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