Tutorial: Turn a large purse into a camera bag

I take my camera just about anywhere we might have some photo-worthy moments.  For now, I’m carrying it around in my black Nikon camera bag, but I ‘d really love something a little more fashionable – a lot less obviously a camera bag – than the black nylon case.  I’ve seen some pretty bags at my local camera shop, but the price tag makes me weak in the knees. (Seriously, I could buy myself a kickin’ new lens for the price of the bag!) 

Ashley from Make It and Love It shares a tutorial on her blog showing how to convert a large purse or tote into a stylish camera bag.  The foam inserts can easily be removed should you ever want to turn it back into a regular purse.  Get the tutorial at Make It and Love It.

[photo from Make It and Love It]

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