Video tutorial: Teaching a child to sew

If teaching your child to sew is on your to-do list for 2013, check out this video by Vanessa from Crafty Gemini.  She is teaching her 3 year old son to sew on his own sewing machine.  She gives some tips and tricks for introducing sewing to a child so that it is a positive (and safe) experience.  She also shows an actual sewing lesson with her young son.  He is a cutie, y’all!!  And smart!  He knows the parts of the sewing machine and their purpose, and how to sew safely on an actual sewing machine.   Go to her blog for the video.  Be prepared for some heavy duty cuteness!!

[photo from Crafty Gemini]


  1. Porcumom says

    This is very sweet. You’re right your son is ready to learn sewing. The youngest student I taught was 6 and that’s because her mom insisted I give her a try. She was right. She stayed with me till she was 12. Now that she is an adult she still loves to sew.

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