From my studio last week: February 28, 2011

Evidently it was “panty week” at my house last week.  I needed some new panties, and used that as an excuse to pare down the knit fabric scrap bins.  I used my larger pieces to make panties for myself, and the smaller ones to make them for my daughter’s American Girl doll.  I am soo in love with brightly colored foldover elastic!!!

Here are the panties for the American Girl doll.  The pattern is just a single piece of fabric.  I sew the elastic around the legholes and then stitch the panties together at the sides and finish off the top with unfolded elastic.  Easy, peasy.



These are the four pairs I made for myself.  I had way too much fun coming up with the color schemes and the little appliques that went on each one. 

I just realized that photos of my undies are now out on the internet.  I’m sure this will come back to haunt me one day.  :) 

Another project from my studio last week was this top for my daughter.  It was inspired by this t-shirt from Tea Collection.  Theirs is a cute shirt, but $30 for a girl’s t-shirt is waaaay out of my budget.  I made mine for just $1 in materials. 

There are some significant differences between the two shirts.  My fabric was really lightweight and drapey, while theirs seems to have more body.  And on theirs, the shoulder seams are attached with buttons in three places, but I decided to just tack them together at the neck and armhole and let the shoulders stay open.  Little girl LOVES the peek-a-boo shoulders!

The fabric I used what just some random knit I got on discount from the chain store.  I had planned to use it just to test and refine the pattern, but it turned out that my first attempt was good enough to wear.  I used freezer paper stencil and bleach to create the flower design.  At first I was going to do a more details flower silhouette, but my daughter caught wind of my plans and asked if she could draw the flower for her shirt.  How could I say no?

And just to give you a glimpse of what I’m up against in the studio, here’s a photo of my shame.  However cluttered or messy you think your studio is, I think I may have you beat! 

On the happy side, I did get a few square feet cleared out.  Not enough to justify an “after” photo, but enough to make it where I could at least walk into the room and use the cutting table.  (Which I did, and in the process made more mess…)

And if you think that’s bad, check out the really bad side of the room where I literally cannot walk through the piles of fabric.  Baby steps, folks…

I was thinking that I might write up a tutorial for the shirt I made for my girl.  Would that be something you’d want to see?


  1. says

    LOVE the AG size undies. I need to make those for my girl’s dollies. Your studio looks like mine after a project. You are completely normal. :) Happy Monday.

  2. says

    LOL DD moved out of my craft room so I’m moving back in from an out door shed, my room is crazy at the moment. Just got hubby to move the big drafting table. Now I can try to sort before I start a project or three. :) Loved the panties, I’ve really wanted to try them.

  3. says

    Would love a tutorial for the t-shirt! I just finished clearing away the floor in my office- organizing it is another story. I started four piles; KEEP, THROW, GIVE AWAY, and TO BE ORGANIZED

  4. says

    Oh my goodness your sewing room looks just like mine!!

    The T-shirt is so cute and your little girl looks very cool in it, i bet all her friends are jealous! Love the panties, still haven’t tried stretch fabric on my machine ….. hmm one day!

  5. Lisa says

    Yeah, I’d actually be interested in a link to the AG underpants pattern, too. I have a few cousins who would probably appreciate a few pairs for their dolls.

  6. says

    I’ve been saving some of my old underwear with the intention of making some dolly underwear out of it. I would really like to hear more about how you made yours. I like how yours are not boxy looking like some other types I’ve seen online. And I’m not familiar with foldover elastic.

  7. Jodie R says

    I would love to get the pattern for the AG panties. I am just getting into sewing and would love to try new things.

  8. Carol says

    I understand baby steps. We are like minds in the sewing room.
    I would love to see a tutorial for the panties. I have been sewing 50 years and have never made undies. Mine or the dolls. Love to sew for dolly. Would love to see your directions.

  9. Debby Bjarnarson says

    Do you have a pattern available for the AG undies? If so, could you please post or email the link? I absolutely love your site! Thank you for all the awesome inspiration!

    • says

      Jean, I still haven’t gotten around to doing that! But, I’ve just finished a course on making PDF patterns and I’m thinking I use what I’ve learned to make this pattern available. :)

  10. Karen says

    Oh those doll undies are the BEST !! They look amazing.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE post a pdf of the pattern. Or even a jpeg would work… either way, just draw a sample 1″ square inside or right next to the pattern so we all can print it out and resize as needed on our own until that little 1″ square really measures 1″ in our printout.

    Thank you for your post, and for inspiring us all to make more undies for our dolls!


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