Lingerie supplies shopping guide

Lingerie supplies shopping guide

Lingerie supplies shopping guide

Just the other day, a friend asked me if I’d considered making my own bras.  Her question came after my 10-minute rant about how larger retailers rarely carry bras in my size.  My response was that finding the materials suitable for bra making was too difficult.  And then, this morning, I saw a post from Heather at The Sewing Loft where she has collected up links to online retailers for lingerie materials.  Now my only excuse is finding the time.  If you make your own lingerie, or have just thought about taking the plunge, click the link below to see a list of lingerie sewing resources:

Lingerie Resource Guide, by The Sewing Loft

[photo from The Sewing Loft]


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    Wow Anne! Thanks for featuring my kimono post and so many thank yous are in order for the lingerie supply sources post. What a goldmine of resources.

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