Project Runway is Back!

Yay! My favorite show, Project Runway is back for a brand new season! The Season Premiere was last night and boy, was it good. Seriously, a LOT of design talent coupled with some interesting folks, to say the least (including a servere tanorexic!!) If you didn’t get a chance to watch it and don’t want to know what happened- then stop reading now so I don’t give anything away!

On the 1st episode they brought back my absolute favorite challenge- the Grocery Store challenge. First featured on Season One, this challenge entails shopping at a grocery store for items to make your garment with.

Now most people played it safe and got table cloths to make their outfit with- SO boring! Please! Where in the World is the innovation or Creativity in that I ask you! But this one guy used cups! Yes, cups. Ya know those big blue cups that hold like a gallon of beer that you find at keggers or block parties?? Genious!

But I have to say BY FAR the most dissappointing was the older rocker girl who used garbage bags. She was droning on and on about how flimsy they are. Jeez Louise! She never even tried to iron then together!

Fusing plastic bags is SO much fun and you can make a gazillion cool things out of the plastic “fabric”. She could of make the coolest “patent leather” looking outfit.

Oh well, there is always next Wednesday!

Tune in to Project Runway Wednesdays at 9/8 central on Bravo.

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