Read all about it: Dress a Girl Around the World

Sew Delightful is a group of sewists who have come together with the goal of providing handmade dresses to girls in need around the world.  They call their project Dress A Girl Around the World.  If you have ever been the recipient of a handmade garment, or perhaps have seen the delight on a child’s face when they wear something made just for them, then you understand how much a simple dress can mean.

So far, they’ve sent 12,000 dresses to 35 countries.  Their goal this year is to make it to the 50,000 mark.  Check out their blog to read more about their project and to help them make their goal.  You can also get more detailed information at the Dress A Girl Around the World website, including links to patterns to make dresses.


  1. Robyn Mullins says

    I was having trouble on their site seeing where/how to get involved, other than sending them money. Is there a way to send made pieces? I have a HUGE stash of fabric and I know I will never use all of it.

  2. Cheryl says

    I first learn of the group about a year ago… My mother who is 85 and myself have made over 150 dresses, and pants for the children . I am starting to help with the new group of Dress a child in Appalachia..Kentucky group.
    Robyn, I hope that you can help.. I am sure if you have material someone would love to get it and make the dresses with your material.
    Rachel Eggum Cinader is a rare and special person. She has love and compassion for her mission and it is a fantastic organization.
    If you are on Facebook look up Dress a Girl around the world. Hope 4 kids international… join the group and help us reach more children


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