Share your memories of Singer sewing machines

Did you know that the patent for the very first Singer sewing machine was issued on August 12, 1851?  That’s 160 years ago!!  The folks at Singer are celebrating the 160th anniversary of their machine with a special website where people can post stories and memories of their Singer sewing machines. 

I’ve got a couple of my own out there, including one of the Singer 20-10 toy machine that I used to play with when I was a child.  It had been my mother’s, and we recently let my own daughter sew on it as well.

Go to to read all of the stories out there already, and to enter your own.  Anyone who shares a Singer story gets entered to win one of the limited edition commemorative machines (available Jan. 2012).  According to Singer, these commemorative machines look like antiques on the outside, but their insides are modern and the features innovative.  (Can’t wait to see what one looks like!!)

Deadline is August 31, 2011.


  1. says

    I got my first Singer sewing machine in 1972, I was twelve. I loved it, my mom and grandmother were both sewers and out of 5 children in our family I am the only one to wanted to learn. I made doll clothes, mini quilts, more like pot holders, after all the maching was only abot 8″ high and 12″ long. I learned a lot with it. I often wish I still had it, working or not.

  2. Becky Green says

    Here’s a question! If one DOESNT’ win this fabulous machine, can one BUY IT somewhere????? That would be REALLY GREAT!!!!! Thanks!~

  3. says

    I’m sewing on my mom’s 1971 high school graduation present! She moved overseas and I get her wonder machine all to myself. We’re good friends 😉

  4. says

    I designed my own wedding gown and made it on a Singer Featherweight. That was over 30 years ago! The first sewing machine I ever used was a Singer Featherweight, I love them, they’re so reliable and they sew beautifully.

  5. Patricia Jones says

    My mother had the Singer Featherweight on which I learned to sew and I loved it, neither of my daughters have had any interest in sewing but my granddaughters have the “bug” and it is a joy to teach them, I am 66 and still remember making my own skirts and slacks when I couldn’t afford to buy what was in style for JR and SR high school. Singer has been my sewing friend since 7th grade when I hade my first “home ec.” class of sewing

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