Tutorial: Adapt a basic sleeve pattern to create different sleeve styles

The series on drafting patterns for kids’ clothes at ikat bag continues!  In this installment, Jen from My Measuring Tape shows how to adapt a basic sleeve block for other styles.  Once you have the basic sleeve block, a few simple changes can turn it into a roll up sleeve, a gathered sleeve, puff sleeve, a puff-top sleeve, a puff-bottom sleeve, or a bell sleeve.  And yes, she shows how to adapt the basic sleeve pattern to make every single one of those styles!  Go to the tutorial.

[photo from ikat bag]

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  1. Nidhi says

    Hi Jen,
    Your tutorial is really very informative. The diagrams explain the process very clearly. However, as I am new to sewing, I am facing a few problems. It would be great if you could help me out.
    I tried making a bell sleeve. I took a basic sleeve pattern and slashed and rotated as illustrated, but the cap side curve changed drastically. Instead of just becoming angular that could be just smoothened out, mine had a dent in the centre (at the point that is joined to the shoulder seem). It would not acquire the normal shape without being extended by an inch at the centre top (though I did not extend at the top).
    Secondly, when I stitched everything together, although there was a bell shape, the fold was falling only at the centre. The side folds are falling only when I take all the ease and create a pleate at the required places.
    Please tell me where I am going wrong. Looking forward to your response.

  2. Sherry says

    I read your tutorial regarding making puff sleeves from a plain sleeve pattern. Does that work in reverse? When I reverse it do I have to take fabric from the sleeve cap(i see you’ve added fabric to make the puff)? Thanks very much for this terrific information.

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